Unique Baby Shower Favors

Your search for the perfect baby shower favor has ended! We are excited to introduce two unique favors: Mini Diapers  and Baby Booties.  These custom-made, hand-crafted favors will add a perfect touch to your special event.

Mini Diapers can be used as favors by filling them with small goodies such as jelly bellies, butter mints, or m&ms. Mini Diapers look adorable grouped together on the cake/food table. These baby shower favors come in a variety of patterns and colors to match your theme.

Fill  Baby Booties Baby Shower Favors with your favorite treat and you have a unique favor for your guests.  These favors come in Blue, Pink, Purple, Green and Yellow.

Mini Diapers can also be used for the popular baby shower game, "The Dirty Diaper Game". For "The Dirty Diaper Game", just add a smudge of mustard, or peanut butter, or a chocolate chip to one diaper. Pin one diaper on each of your guests as they arrive and whoever gets the diaper with the "surprise" in it ~ Wins a prize!

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